The time has long passed to recognize that this is not a blip, or a short-term change. We are in the midst of a new reality, and as marketers we have to make sure our strategies are created and executed with this in mind.

KPI Agency has created two solutions to solve the most pressing problems marketers face with COVID-19, keeping your campaigns performing to their potential, even as the landscape shifts.

KPI Agency COVID-19 Marketing Solutions

How can you know if your campaigns are at their best right now, or if your marketing agency is doing everything to maintain peak effectiveness? For a limited time and for a select number of clients we’re offering free assistance to make sure you and your campaigns stay on track through this time of constant change.

Pick a solution that’s right for you, or select both for the greatest impact.*

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Free COVID Agency Efficiency Audit

For a limited number of qualifying* clients, KPI Agency is offering a no-cost audit to assess the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on your current marketing strategy, helping you minimize damage to your campaigns and maximize opportunities for your clients and customers.

Select clients will receive at no charge:

  • Confidential Scope & Cost Assessment - Looking at your current agency scopes, and identifying areas for potential cost savings and efficiency.
  • Confidential Agency Stability Scorecard - Evaluating your agency's rate of turnover, your account's percentage of junior staff, and other metrics to help you know whether your agency is giving you their best during this crisis.
  • Confidential Agency Effectiveness Scorecard - How successful is your agency at generating results for you? Based on standard industry benchmarks we give you an unbiased assessment of the performance of your assets to help you know whether dips in performance are industry-wide or lower than you should accept.

We deliver these assessments with no-strings-attached, and no commitment. If you're not satisfied with your current agency's performance, KPI Agency will perform the same (or agreed upon equivalent) scope of business, guaranteeing at least 30% savings across your account with no drop in performance.

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COVID Marketing Strategy Audit & Recommendations

  • Assessment of current marketing tactics and messaging - KPI Agency digs into your current campaigns and messaging, identifying areas for maximal effectiveness and potential negative elements to consider during COVID-19.
  • COVID Opportunity Analysis - We uncover the hidden opportunity areas for you in the new normal and balance that with your long term goals.
  • Recommendations for COVID-based campaign optimization - You get comprehensive actionable recommendations for how to improve your campaigns now, in the current COVID environment.
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Contact KPI Agency for custom pricing** based on your specific business and campaign needs.

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    * Offer limited to companies with current annual agency budget over $750k with active marketing.

    ** Typical pricing for a client running between $750k & $1.5mm in active campaigns would range $15k-$30k.