Marketing services and Products

KPI Agency offers a complete suite of digital/online marketing services from media strategy and buying to analytics, reporting and optimization. In the past we have excelled when operating as a “rescue” agency for clients whose current campaigns are in danger of meeting their business or enrolment targets.

No marketing tactic exists in isolation. The most effective campaigns employ a network of interwoven tactics, all with a consistent strategy flowing through, ensuring your audience is met with the right message at the point of greatest effectiveness. Whether online/digital, social, traditional, broadcast, out-of-home, or elsewhere...we ensure every marketing dollar is researched and targeted. Scattershot marketing across un-researched platforms is a thing of the past. KPI Agency helps you fine tune, reduce your spend, and ensure you hit the bullseye every time.
The first step in an effective campaign is knowing your audience. Our primary and secondary research capabilities, combined with keen insights generation, develop targeted audience/consumer/patient personas that allow you to fine tune your message for greatest effect.
Once you know your target, you want to know their behaviors and where to find them. We conduct an extensive journey and ecosystem mapping exercise to identify the key drivers in your audience’s decision-making process, and the perfect channels to reach them.
And finally - you’ve got to know what you’re saying. Whether developing from scratch, re-building your brand identity, or taking existing identity assets and fine tuning them for audience targets, we ensure a perfect alignment: right audience, right platform, right time, right message.
Our digital marketing offerings include:
Paid Search Engine Marketing (aka: SEM, CPC, PPC) involves bidding on targeted keywords across Google, Bing, and Yahoo search platforms (and related partner sites). As a Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click tactic, you don’t pay unless people click on your ad. SEM is one of the most inexpensive and most effective digital drivers, and a great way to test messaging and creative for other platforms.
The complement to Paid Search, SEO is the optimization of your content to ensure you rank highly in Google (and other) organic searches for your most important content. SEO is (contrary to popular belief) not a “black-hat” tactic, and is not going away as a vital, necessary marketing tool. Proper SEO makes sure your content tells the right story, to the right audience, in the right places.
Display Advertising includes banner ads, rich media, and other ads that include visual (and sometimes) audio components to make your ads more engaging. Programmatic buying ensures your display media shows to the right audience at the best price, in the optimal location. Through our proprietary KrescendoMED buying engine, KPI Agency increases the reach and effectiveness of your content, and makes every dollar count.

Learn more about KrescendoMED, and what it can do for you.
Across the landscape of social media sites and platforms, KPI Agency employs the powerful targeting of social media to get your message to those who most need it. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat… we serve your hyper-targeted ads right where and when your audience is most receptive.
Your campaigns need information to operate effectively. We put data at the beginning, middle, and end of every campaign, letting information drive decision-making, and insuring the greatest impact for every ad and every dollar. That includes services such as:
• Social Media Listening
• Performance Optimization
• Primary and Secondary Audience, Patient, and Consumer Research
• Automation/Dashboard Development (Klipfolio Preferred Partnership)
KPI Agency also offers digital development services, either to support digital media effectiveness, or on their own, including:
• Mobile App Development
• Web and Mobile Web Development
In addition to Digital and online marketing, KPI Agency offers a host of other, traditional marketing and advertising services including:
From corporate logos and identity materials, to brand philosophy and core messaging, KPI Agency can help you refine your core message, and ensure all your materials are consistent, on target, and looking fantastic. Examples of KPI Agency Branding Work
All elements of creative marketing design including messaging, copy development, tag- and brand-line development, and visual creative work of all sorts.
Although we believe strongly in the power of digital marketing, we also believe all campaigns should be integrated. Syncing your digital campaigns with your print and broadcast only enhances the effect and reach, and our team is well versed in strategy, planning, creation, buying, and trafficking of all traditional media.
So-called “traditional” media is becoming more interactive every day. To truly leverage the power of digital billboards, bus benches, and other assets, you need an agency that gets digital as a foundation.